Extraordinary Creatures

By the river deep
Watched their dancing feet
Pretty water sprites
From behind a tree
Saw his cloven feet
Heard him play his pipe

The Travellers

They call us travellers
They say it’s our way
Like we were born (to)
Be free to roam
You keep your doors closed
You keep your hearts closed
Your eyes are cold
Too blind to see

The Hypnotist

The pendulum swings
He’s pulling your strings
You think you can fly
I see the light
I hear the sound
I feel your mind

I’ll Let You Go

Stay in my arms
why would you go
stay with my lies
why would you know

Be my desire
why would you go
be in my sighs
why would you know

I’ll let you go
you’ll never know
I’ll let you go
why would you know

To Break Your Chains

Hey, why don’t you move
hey, bring it all out
Leave the safe world of all your fears

Hey, aint no place anymore for your fears
it’s time that you go
can’t stay in the way of hope

You only need to break your chains
already on the way to the new

The Herbalist

Levander, lemon balm
A pinch of thyme
A spring of rosemary
Ease heart and mind

Sweet herbs to bring you love
Salves to ease pain
But if you wish to harm
Don’t come again

Siren Song

Under the darkest sky
Under the red moon
Black rocks stand sentinel
(we pray)
Eyes blinded by the spray
They’ll hear the wind shriek
Follow the siren’s song
(we pray)

White Witch

There’s an old crone
They call her wise woman
She’s a white witch
Lives in the woods
A good luck charmA brew
Or a potion
Just cross her palm
And pray

Into The Woods

I watch them stealing (creeping)
through the trees
From all directions
I watch them flying
Like a flock of crows
Into the darkness
High above
Approaching one by one
Into the clearing come
It must have been a dream
Or why am I still here?

Pied Piper

Wherever you live
There may come a time
The Pied Piper plays
You all gather round
His tunes are so sweet
His eyes are so kind
What harm can he do

You’ve seen him around
And hearing his tune
They all stand in line
Unthinking they dance
And follow him blind
So forge their hearts brave
And build them a soul
To stand up against
The Pied Piper’s hold

World of Beyond

Wait for the night
Watch the moon rise
For the ghosts to arrive
Wait for the sound
Watch for the sign
For the spirits to come

Dark-Eyed Lady

Dark-eyed lady
Will you read my palm
Look into your crystal ball
Work your magic
Tell me what the future holds
Dark eyed lady
Did you steal my soul
Did you cast a spell on me
I am frozen
Bound for all eternity

Dark-eyed lady
Here’s a silver coin
Will you read the cards for me
Should I trust you
When my heart tells me to flee
Dark eyed lady
Did you steal my soul
Did you cast a spell on me
I am frozen
Bound for all eternity